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Responsible Travel

Vietnam is becoming a famous tourism destination in Southeast Asia and tourism is also the fastest industry in this country for variety services as tourist’s demands from budget to luxury.

Passing many years have developed in this industry and the results for local people as well as the country economic is very huge, however, there are still many bad results affect to life, people, culture, etc which need to improve and the shake hands from many departments and tourists to have a happy tourism environment.

We are a Travel company and firstly a Tour Operator at a local, therefore, we understand the inadequate and difficulties in each region has. Eco Nature Travel, yes from its name which is from our foundation we thought about the responsibility to the nature and community which this industry brings its impacts to environments.

In order to give the diversity in tourism products and bring tourists real values as well as fantastic experience, we have plans and design to operate our tour packages which lead tourists discover the local community with responsible travel and support local to keep traditional cultures.

We believe that tourists will feel happy and interest on responsible travel when they have chance to exchange the knowledge, cultures, get new experience with local people and especially appreciation of natural environment beauties at destinations in Vietnam they visit. The benefits in responsible travel which are both you and we contribute for local is very high including raising the living conditions, develop and enlarge local people awareness in providing their local tourism services which get the benefit for themselves for their earning lives.

Eco Nature Travel always ensures the purpose of our business in operating our products with the responsible manner; in addition develop sustainable tourism to bring our customers to experience the real life. However, these values are more than a travel company can do alone, so we expect the supports from many local departments, communities as well as tourists together with us to build the usefulness for environment, local economics, cross-cultures besides sustainable and responsible travel.

To express how you are a responsible traveler with us, you can do the following travel features to contribute your support to local communities.

- Minimum to use plastic bags everywhere and please put your garbage in your day trip at the rubbish bins.

- Help local people to improve their stable lives by purchasing souvenirs by handicraft gifts which made from local artisans. However, you should have a light bargain on price for souvenirs and services you wish to buy and use which can accept.

- Try local foods and drinks during your trip for both taste new cuisines’ experiences and help local people to improve their life while have a sustainable job at their villages. No better than you use the services and give them money directly.

- Never buy or use products as well as souvenirs made from wildlife, species and habitats in danger.

- To be a fresh traveler by protecting the environment and using natural resources as the responsible travel way, this is the key elements to help local communities to do a sustainable travel. By this way you contribute in limiting the physical impacts and enjoy your fantastic journey by using local products such as transport, restaurants, visiting sites, etc.

- Collect your litter such as bottles, cans, etc while you are travelling to garbage bin as you are at home to make a clean and fresh environment once you arrive in a visiting site as a responsible traveler. Also avoid to use shampoos, hair washing to prevent soap pollution in your ecology trip into forest, natural reserve area to ensure that it is a fresh water supply, river, stream, sea.

- Try to have a home-stay experience at a new land you visit to have chance interact with local people and understand more of their culture and experience the real life at minority villages

- Have the best information of local land, cultures, people, life you should use a local guide, driver, waiter, etc. It is the best way to put your money a right way to local employment and help them to improve their lives as well as local economy.

- Give a hand to contribute your support directly to local community by many ways such as building school for remote villages, school bags, books, etc for local children have a better study conditions.

How travelling with us by a different way? To be a responsible traveler to accompany with us to get the real experience and support local communities as your best way.

Welcome to Eco Nature Travel as a responsible traveler!