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Danang tours with the ideal stopping place for interesting experiences

Yes once we talk about Vietnam travel, Da Nang city now becomes the famous place for its own beauties of beach and many other attracting things that keep the tourist’sfeet. Danang tours are more fun and more sophisticated than other cities in Central Vietnam. It is ideal for the wonderful choice to tourists when harmony with nature and shopping hobbies

The first impression of Da Nang City is the marvelous sceneries. With many attractive sites surrounding the city will bring tourist the enjoyment to nature. For those who love the nature and cool climate, Ba Na hill  far from city centre 40km to the Southwest. It is wonderful to see forest, French villa styles, old wine tunnel and get the view of the city from the high location. To get the spectacular feeling, cable car will bring you different feelings. With the ideal of climate, Ba Na gives the four seasons in one day. It is wonderful for relaxing on summer holiday and honeymoon time. 

The second place in Danang city which takes you to natural beauty is Marble Mountain which also give a different corner of Danang city and beach.

Addition to the nature and harmony its wonderfulness is the time swimming on My Khe beach. The warming sea water, wild beach which is voted as one of the most charming beaches in the global

Moreover, for the experience in Danang tours is the shopping time. With many markets along Han River, supermarket such as Han market, Con Market, Metro Supermarket, BigC supermarket… which are the main shopping centres and offer special foods and goods for tourists

Local foods also attract tourist for special taste which make tourist wish to return the city to taste it. Some special food which tourist should try it once come Danang such as Quang noodle, Banh Trang Thit Theo 2 Dau Da (special pig)…

Let come this city and experience what you are looking for a modern city and natural beauties with tranquil atmosphere...

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