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Our projects

>>> in 2016

Continue to focus our assistance to disability people with our donation projects we have done in Quang Tri province where has a lot of Dioxin Agent Orange people affected by Vietnam War although it stopped for 40 years until now, however, there are a lot of victims next generations still being affected by this result. Because Quang Tri province is the key destination in 17th parallel during the war time, so this area suffering of the spacious robust Agent Orangethat remains toxic for decades and causes birth defects, cancer and other illnesses. Nowadays, dioxin continues to poison the land and the people.We are next generation and not live in War time; we are living and developing thanks to the previous generations who sacrificetheir lives for the country and next generations. That is the reason why we would like to support these disable people with the aim to thanks for previous people as well as contribute our small hands for them

In 2016 we still have plan to build and repair house for a local people of Agent Orange victim in Quang Tri province. With our hope that there will have many kind heart customers travel with us from now till 2016 wish to give a hand for support these disable people and make them to have a better life than. We really wish to have our sharing to more and more people than. With kind heart people can join with us to participate for this charity work in May 2016 to both getting the experience at this land.

At this moment we are still finding a reasonable person or family to support, therefore, we are very sincerely to get the introduction from any kind heart people or readers about that Agent Orange person/family  or even our clients traveled or even will travel with us. We also very thankful for our kind heart customers will join with us in this year donation charity as we had in 2015 from golden heart from Singapore to support and join with us to rebuilt house for Ms Nguyen Thi Hien.

Let give a hand with Eco Nature Travel to build a new life for Agent Orange. We are open a donation program “Hearts of Golden” from Eco Nature Travel and kind hearts from travelers and people all over the world support together for making a meaning work

>>> in 2015

To follow closely the “mutual affection – mutual love” tradition of Vietnam nation, annually Eco Nature Travel Co.,Ltd deploys significant charitable activities  for sharing and compensating the difficulty of Agent Orange Victims who bear physical and soul pain with congenital anomaly as well as their parents also stand the long-lasting pangs whole life. Luckily this year, our company and a Singaporean kind heart friend found and met Ms. Nguyen Thi Hien – a 33 years old Agent Orange victim lived in Cam Vu, Cam Thuy Commune, Cam Lo District, Quang Tri province. She was born with the birth defect because of Agent Orange influence; it makes her being a disable person who suffered multitude of health problems and her old parents help her to do every daily activity. This is very poor situation which have ever got the help before. Therefore all of Eco Nature Travel members and Singaporean friend plan that we will join together for helping her to repair and paint the house within 3 days from May 08th to 10th 2015. Hopefully, this action will bring to her happiness, sympathy and sharing the dolour bequeathed by devastating war.

All members of Eco Nature Travel are joyful and eager so much to take part in this coming philanthropic activity. To widen “humane heart” purpose, we hope that readers could take your time to participate in this 2015 charitable plan for bringing Ms. Hien the pleasure and more beautiful life.    

>>> in 2014

The Vietnam - America war is over 38 years ago; however the traces of violent war are still long-lasting. Every war brings the loss,deep physical as well as psychological wounds, pain and sacrifice to people but perhaps the great patriotic protective native Viet Nam in against U.S. Imperialism war is a smouldering extended pang. War crime which U.S. Imperialism caused in Viet Nam nation is so cruel: Agent Orange was spreaded at more 26 thousands of hamlets, villages and Southern forests in Viet Nam, there are hundreds of bald hills, dried earth as well as thousands of deep bomb craters…

Time elapses, softens the pain of the past and reflects the rebirth of a nation suffered traumas but being indomitable and resilient. Now Vietnam - an S-shaped strip of land is covered with green trees and there are a lot of new building projects which have built by the hand, brain of Vietnamese. However, there are more than 3 million Vietnamese people was affected by Agent Orange, of whom more 150 thousands of children victims who are writhing in the pain from this generation to another one hidden behind that charming beauty of Viet Nam. They are not only suffering from severe disabilities and a multitude of other health problems, but also from the associated effects of not being able to integrate into normal life. Many children cannot go to school and their parents are often unable to work. More than 3 millions Agent Orange victims mean more than 3 millions different dolor so each individual of Vietnamese public need to combine together for helping them appease the pain.

Eco Nature Travel Co.,Ltd is a travel business unit which is stationed in Thua Thien Hue province and have built band name on the tourist market since many years ago. During business process in 2013, deducting part of taking profits as well as nonprofit and voluntary contribution of our company members, we join together to do a charity. According to the plan, on 23rd to 25th of May 2014 all of Eco Nature Travel team will set out for Cam Vu village, Cam Thuy commune, Cam Lo district, Quang Tri province to help building new house for Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thu Hien - a 32 years old Agent Orange victim woman who has quite piteous life. She an able victim, she could have normal activities like others but Agent Orange made her appearance and spirit abnormal, that is also the reason why she cannot marry. She lives with her children without husband, so she meets serious difficulties in her poor life. Hopefully, our charitable activity could help her overcome problem, change her strenuous life and bring to her a nice one as well as appease the pain which she is bearing.  Apart from working time, Eco Nature team reserve free time to help the victims who come up against difficulties in their life. Even though this is a short time about 2- 3 days and small charitable program, it expresses our hearts and responsibility to community.

>>> in 2012

We believe that our package tours for small group, off beaten track or private tour can bring benefits to many local communities, help to preserve the environments where we have a visiting and provide the real and positive social exchanges. Obviously, as a tour operator we have an ideal to help some of the less fortunate communities especially in remote areas where you have a visit, encourage them to protect the environments, wildlife that you travel to see.

Eco Nature Travel has the wishes to help the local community in the development of their lives, improve their awareness and lives as well as children studying condition especially in remote villages. Originally, we have the aim to support at each local remote village yearly for minority children so that they have a better condition in their school lives. Yearly, we extract an amount in our business interest to support good students who study hard but their families have difficulties when sending them to school as our encourage.  First of all, Eco Nature Travel puts our concentrate to A Roang School - A L uoi, a remote school at a poor village of Aluoi town in Thua Thien Hue province. And then we wide it to other primary and secondary schools of Aluoi district to give a hand in helping poor children including Hong Quang, Hong Van, Nham, Hong Thuy, etc.  Our aim will be widened to Dong Giang and other parts of remote villages along Ho Chi Minh legend trail.

We give children scholarship, schooling equipments including pens, pencils, books, notebooks, school bags, rulers, etc at the end of semester so that they have enough for their schooling. Although we cannot cover all children at school, we can just support for good students who study hard in difficult conditions from their families. And in Aluoi still have a lot of poor village and schools need to support from community. Therefore, we wish that we will shake hand with other companies, communities as well as social associations to widen this project and support to more and more schools here. A community connection from us will make the changes for hard working children here to have a better life in the future. 

Secondly, most of remote villages in mountainous area as Aluoi district, the living condition of minority people here is still low. To support to improve their lives, Eco Nature Travel has responsible travel tours to this region for visiting beautiful natural landscapes, historical sites, learn about the local cultures of minority people as the way to support the local community and help them to earn for their lives. As a result, the tours to Aluoi have received success at first and are well known to foreign tourists. A trip to visit tropical primary forest combines home stay at stilt house in the Corridor Green Project with us. This helps local people get the benefit in welcoming tourists, cook local dishes, home stay, listen to traditional music and preserve primary forest to serve the exploration from tourists. As a result, the awareness of local people is also higher than in natural and environment protection. In order to make this trip is more popular than, we are having the plan to build some public bathrooms and toilet at village’s stilt-houses or also called “ Rong House” in A luoi and Dong Giang District.

We are willing to receive your support when you travel with us or later when you are back your country and would like to support for children or poor villages in these areas. We hope that with us, you will give a hand to support local community as our responsible travel for having more contribution to locals.

For example, with the support of ADB Association, at Aka Chi village of A Roang now has a new stilt house to welcome foreign tourists. With standard facilities of mattress, mosquito net… it has enough basic condition to serve tourists, we are very happy to the village when they have more chance to welcome more and more guests to the village and this means they have more opportunity to earn their lives.