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Danang Travel Package and Make Danang Citizen Proud Of Their City

Danang travel package is one of the hot tours package and destinations for both domestic tourists and foreign one. Although it is a new city in Vietnam, Danang city builds its own specialties which once traveler come here and wish to return this city in near future for visiting and relaxing.

Thanks to the well taken care from the city government and sync development, Danang city is becoming a city in Vietnam which is worth to live and working. From these Danang travel becomes the main industry and contributes for the development of the city and brings impressions to everyone once put their step here. Here are specialties which make Danang people always proud of their city

First of all Danang has a nonprofit cancer hospital and also the first nonprofit in Vietnam since Oct 2013. Although the hospital is operated as nonprofit with the aim of humanity and charity, its facilities are very modern with a large area of 15 hecta. With the overview outside, it looks like a hotel of five star with all modern facilities including park, accommodation for patient’s relatives, clean canteen, etc and there are 3 times per day to have free foods. That is why this hospital becomes the symbol for the humanity and the feeling of the city

Second Danang is famous for large bridges which contribute for Danang travel attracts more and more tourists come here to admire and discover its beauties. We can see different bridges along Han River including Suspension Bridge, Tran Thi Ly Bridge, Dragon Bridge, etc with its own beauties to admire and visit

Third which attracts anyone once coming to Danang travel in their journey and stay here is that travelers can see different free services everywhere such as free cold tea, keeping transport free, free mineral water, etc.

Also there is no city in Vietnam as Danang city has free wifi all over the city. Since 10th July 2014, Danang city official gives the free wifi all over city centre to support citizen and tourists can connect internet stable and comfort once staying at this city. Most tourists compliment for this point from the city when they can stay on car or just relax in anywhere can connect wifi for check in, working and highly appreciation from every tourist.

Fourth and also impression with every tourist while visiting Danang city is that there is no beggar. Because the city has the policy and plan to collect all beggars into a house and teach them how to grow vegetable and teach career so that they know the way to earn for their life.  Anyone see any beggar, call to the hotline and there is person come and persuade them to the CenterCitySocial Protectionfor living together. Thanks to these actions, Danang travel make a different from other tourism cities in Vietnam which tourists can see vendors or beggars in some tourism sites and vendors sell fruits or products with high price for tourists.

Infact, Danang city has many other attractions which keep the foot of tourist when they visit this city as well as promise to welcome them to return this city in near future. Thanks to these specialties, Danang travel package becomes the sample and symbol for other cities in Vietnam to study and make as same to promote and develop the local tourism stable and attract every tourist visit. Come and enjoy if you still not have chance to arrive this city and get your own feelings

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