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If It Is Safe To Visit Da Nang After Covid-19 Outbreak?

Possess the stretch of gorgeous and smooth sandy beaches running across the coast, Da Nang travel city is voted as one of the six most attractive beaches on the planet.

Beside the beautiful beaches, Da Nang also famous for stunning structural marvels that make it extra worthy of a visit and create a certain “fever” with a system of artistic architecture appearing continually. From Golden Bridge with the hands of God at Ba Na hill to a fire-breathing dragon, from The Han River bridge - the symbol for new vitality and the developing desire of the city to Linh Ung pagoda with spectacular architecture, all create a special Da Nang.

Da Nang is also well known as an event tourism destination with plenty of large-scaled tourism events, one of which is Danang International Fireworks Festival or DIFF – a display of marvelous fireworks shows from many different countries.

However, as a part of worldwide pandemic, Vietnam is greatly under the influence of COVID-19 and Da Nang is the most-affected city. The first infected case of COVID-19 in Vietnam was confirmed on 23 January 2020. The patients were a man flew from Wuhan to Vietnam and his son who was infected from his father. After this case, Vietnam started the first wave of covid-19 outbreak with many Coronavirus infected cases. Most of situations are people who came back from Wuhan and related ones who met or contact with them, but these case later were cured and released from the hospital and Coronavirus outbreak of the whole country was controlled.

Unfortunately, after more than 3 months without any new reported cases of COVID-19, Vietnam faced the second wave of COVID-19 infection at Da Nang city with hundreds of infected cases. All Vietnamese then was much worried about a strong comeback of disease with high risk of spreading to other big cities and provinces around Da Nang as well as the whole country. It’s really sort of scared the Vietnamese, because all thought that Vietnam had gotten through it all. This is an unexpected situation and it spread too fast.

However, thanks to the fast reaction of the government with “strict lockdown” at Da Nang and tighter controls at other cities in the whole Vietnam, the epidemic situation has been controlled. Da Nang is now reopened and all city's activities come back as normal. The city reopened public beaches from September 11th 2020 and all “non essential” activities including the opening of bars and clubs resumed from September 25th 2020.

Until now November 17th 2020, the second outbreak of COVID-19 is limited and it has been almost 76 days that no new community transmission cases found. In total, Vietnam is confirmed a total of 1,283 cases with 1,124 recoveries and 35 deaths recorded, but only a few of them are the public cases and all recent confirmed cases are Vietnamese citizens who came back from overseas with COVID-19 and were quarantined for treatment immediately on arrival. It means that there would be no threat of a new outbreak started from them.

Return to the centre city, on Oct 4th 2020, after more than 2 months tourism lockdown, The Department of Da Nang Tourism welcomed the first group of 55 tourists with a ceremony. This event marks an important significance in Da Nang tourism and shows that Da Nang travel has resumed. The city is now a safe destination and ready to serve tourists with a commitment. At present time, there are hundreds of promotion programmes offered by travel agencies, airlines, hotels and Sun World Ba Na Hills to promote Da Nang tourism and response to Vietnam tourism stimulus programe in general. This is a perfect chance to receive many promotion and discount services and tour packages for whom want to get itchy feet.

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