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Danang Travel Information

Travelling Marble Mountain in Da Nang

Travelling Marble Mountain in Da Nang

10:10 | 25/04/2014
Marble Mountain - Da Nang is comprised five mountains: Kim mountain, Moc mountain, Thuy mountain, Tho mountain and Hoa mountain, these names mean five elements of universe creating: metal, wood, water, fire and earth. Poetic space and historical monument scenery bring to here a fairy aspect.
Luong Spring in Da Nang city

Luong Spring Ecotourism area

17:02 | 23/04/2014
Far from the Da Nang city center about 15 km in the north, Luong spring ecotourism area is covered by harmonious space of the green interminable mountains and forests as well as the murmur of brook, bird sounds…All of these things create a primitive, natural and quiet scene.
Son Tra Peninsula in Danang city

Son Tra Peninsula - Primitive beauty in the middle of Danang city

17:29 | 22/04/2014
Far from the city center about 10 km in the northeast but own unique nature scenery of diversified flora and fauna as well as abundant marine ecosystems, Son Tra peninsula attracts many domestic and foreign tourists by ecological primitive beauty, quaint natural landscape.
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