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Son Tra Peninsula - Primitive beauty in the middle of Danang city

Far from the city center about 10 km in the northeast but own unique nature scenery of diversified flora and fauna as well as abundant marine ecosystems, Son Tra peninsula attracts many domestic and foreign tourists by ecological primitive beauty, quaint natural landscape.

To reach Son Tra Peninsula, the visitors could transfer in many ways; from city center go along to beach follow Nguyen Tat Thanh Street come Son Tra peninsula by Thuan Phuoc chain-bridge, the most beautiful one which connect two banks of Han River and the biggest chain-bridge in Viet Nam.

Besides, traveler also easily arrive Son Tra peninsula by crossing Nguyen Van Troi Bridge, Tuyen Son Bridge, Han River Bridge, or by waterway on Han River swept out Da Nang Bay. About only some minutes moving, fresh green space of Son Tra mountain and forests is very close which make people comfortable, like all of pressure, tiredness and animation in city life disappear.

In addition, the roads on Son Tra peninsula are broadening to serve tourist activities so in future the transfer will be easier and smoother than before.

Standing on the stopover of Son Tra mountain, enjoying the cool air of sea and mountains to look over four directions of the sky, people will feel that we are so small to Da Nang great nature.

The green forests cover the high clouded mountains which spread out to edge of sea creating a large ecological area and dispelling the blazing hot of coastal region. It’s not casual for luxury resorts to choose Son Tra peninsula is an ideal investment place because there are not many places where forests, mountains, sky and sea are harmonious like that. In the foot of mountain, view of Da Nang city appear same as a lively picture which is turning over to become a center economy and society of central Viet Namas well as Viet Nam country.

Annually, Son Tra peninsula attracts thousands times of tourist not only to visit beautiful landscapes such as Linh Ung Pagoda, Museum of Cultural Art Dong Dinh, Vong Canh Hill…but also relax in the resorts at beach and peninsula.

Apart from the beach which was invested for exploiting travel, there are many nice and charming coasts in the foot of mountain still have primitive beauty for example Tien Sa expanse, Nom expanse, Xep expanse, Con expanse, Trem expanse with wonderful underground corals which are suitable for scuba diving and visiting a site by pleasure-boat activities…

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