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Ba Na Hill put mountain climbing train into operation

The advantage of this transportation is moving softly over the dangerous terrains. With the mountain climbing train, tourist could travel conveniently the nature scenery of forests and mountains whenever visit Ba Na. Even old people or kids, they could survey the view as well as transfer to another places comfortably; it effortless and safe. 

On June 2013, Ba Na Hill started to build “Mountain climbing train”. The system of mountain climbing train could reach speed 5m/s; move on track which is 400m long, transfer capacity could achieve 1600 person/hour.  This train route run over the beautiful landscape such as Linh Ung pagoda, Le Jardin flower garden, ancient villa…

This kind of transportation was come out into society in the end of century XV and beginning of century XVI at Austria to use for transporting goods and materials to high wall of Hohensalzburg palace. However, until the ending of century XIX, this transportation was used for urban residents. Not only the countries in Europe area but also other continents apply to dangerous mountain terrain.

The inauguration of first mountain climbing train in Viet Nam affirms that the unique travel business grows more and more at Ba Na Hill in particular and Viet Nam in general.

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