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Some Specilties Which Make Travelers Love Danang Travel

With many people Danang is the city whether they have visited many times, however, once they come back it still attract and make them to love the city as the first time. The reasons why is because Danang has many specialties from the simplest which attract more and more people

The first time you reach Danang city from Hue along National Highway and on Hai Van Pass where offer the wonderful view for the ocean, beach and forest plus the windy road spectacular. Passing through the pass you will reach Danang beach city while drive along the beach streets from North to South.  This first impression which make everyone love it when choose Danang travel for experience. It is wonderful for choosing Danang beach for relaxing on summer holiday to enjoy its fresh atmosphere and leisure to get new engine for new days

And it also make you surprise as well as put many questions why many people come to Danang and most of them love this city very much. By asking many people, and also answer with many reasons and shares y their own impression and thoughts.

The first is Danang city is making it becomes the friendly one not only with Vietnamese but also foreigners. And that Danang people always proud of that Danang travel is becoming the must-see city in Vietnam and Asia. They are proud of their city from the simplest thing and dream to build a modern and civilization one to have a wonderful city and value to live with the friendliest attitude

By old Cafe shop although it has nothing special, it attracts local people come here for a morning cup of coffee since 4 am just because of its old. Many things like this make Danang more wonderful than

The most value for Danang travel is the beautiful beach streets along the coastline from Hai Van Pass to Hoian which make an amazing views with luxury resort for travelers enjoy and relax as well as experience its beauties. If you really wish to discover deeply beauties, let make a motorbike trip to get through wonderful road

For those who will get married, Danang is famous for dove shooting photo at the square with amazing scenery. it will give broom and bride a wonderful sight for blue sea and sky with doves flying that make a wonderful photo and give couple an impressive memory.

There are many pubs along Han River which give travelers a special feeling to enjoy Han River and  Danang at night with sparkling lights of river, city as well as sea – a wonderful feeling which you should try once arriving Danang city or just simple sitting on street stalls and enjoy a drinks while experience nightlife of the city. Bach Dang street is the key one of the city and is one of the most beautiful streets of the city which bring you a discover while traveling at night and experience city beauties

Not similar as other cities in Vietnam, Danang is special for in front of is sea but behind is mountain which creates a wonderful sight for tourism. Although its products not much, thanks to the blessing of nature, Danang people are building its city a famous travel one and famous in the world. Plus the pay attention of local people in giving the tourist to taste local food, Danang brings its specialties for visitors and good impressions so that once they leave the city and promise to come back in the near future.

Also there are many other attractions which make Danang more special and it is calling you once visiting this city to experience them.

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