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The wonderful reasons for your decision to Danang travel

Danang beach city now is not the strange with not only for Vietnamese tourists but also foreign one because Danang is listed and voted one of the worth city to live in Vietnam. The city is making its own label for living and work because of development of infrastructure and superstructure for a famous Danang travel destination not only in Central Vietnam but also in the whole country.

The following reasons convince travelers to Da Nang city

The first is the geo-location nestled along the coastline in Central Vietnam with many famous beaches and the city centre right in the beach shore that make Danang nicer than other cities and provinces of Vietnam. Plus the Hai Van Pass in North of the city which divide Hue city and Danang city in two parts with two different weather. Thanks to this the climate of Danang city is cool all year round with summer is cool for the sea wind blow to and the winter season not too cold for Hai Van Pass with a highest mountain of Vietnam stopped cold climate here. Plus the nature blesses the charming river flows between the City that makes the city more romantic. Also thanks this the city has many famous bridges which make Danang travel has its own fame including suspension Han Bridge, Dragon Bridge, Love Bridge, etc. The river adds for the cool climate of the city and becomes one of the symbols of the city.

The second is the famous beaches along the coastline of the city cover from north to the end of the city. The city owns the charmest beaches in the global. Yes it is true for everyone call Danang travel beach city because it is the ideal place for relaxing for both tourists and local citizens on fresh beaches. It attracts more and more tourists come here to swim and relax on nice beaches including My Khe, Pham Van Dong, Bai But of Son Tra Peninsular, Non Nuoc beaches, etc.

The third is the impressive landscapes stretch along the city which attracts more and more tourists come the city to explore in combination of relaxing on beach. These attractions are Ba Na Hill, Hoa Dream, Hoa Phu Thanh, Marble Mountain, Son Tra Peninsular with famous Linh Ung pagoda, etc.

The fourth is the luxury resorts along the beaches as well as mini and standard hotels in city cetre which offers enough accommodation for tourists come with the city from the budget to luxury. Especially the luxury resorts along beaches which make tourist a comfortable relaxing on nice white sandy beaches by each resort has its own location on beach and view to the sea.

The fifth is the foods of the city. Besides famous for beaches and landscapes, local foods attracts much tourist come here and taste cuisines.  Along beaches there are many local restaurants for tasting fresh seafood beside famous restaurants for local foods in city centre.

The last is the festival in Danang. Although  the city just organize only big festival of international firework every two years with many countries take part in in 3 days, it attracts much tourists come here on the occasion of May Day apart from street light festival on September, etc.

In fact Danang travel is attracting a lot of visitors for its own beauties plus the friendly of local citizen. The first impression once you step your foot here is the hospitable and safe feeling when you contact with local people. Danang is a wonderful destination for traveling in Vietnam is waiting you to discover!

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