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Danang City is really the worth living one in Vietnam for its beauties and harmony

Danang city now is a well known and good fame to everyone in Vietnam once telling about this city as the worth living city in the country. The first thing people think of this city is Danang travel is contributing for its fame now.

In order to get the achivements as today, besides the general solutions which all provinces and cities in the whole country, Da Nang has many other solutions which named as the lable for Danang city to promote the city's economic growth and the stability for social life.

Talking about Danang city people think of the program “Five No's and Three Yes's” which made the impressive lable for Da Nang city. This reason contributes Danang travel become a city in Vietnam which has no beggars and venders. With this program, the city government makes Five No's are no hunger and no illiteracy, no beggars, no drug addicts in the community, no robbery homicide. After 5 years since 2000, the results achieved are very satisfactory. Since 2000 Danang finish the purpose no hunger and at the end of 2004 also basic finish the aim with no poor family, etc.

After making five no, Danang city continue for the program three have are to have house, work and cultural life and urban civilization. Thanks to these Danang city has the active environment both for life, economic and Danang travel also famous since then because it is now as an art work and become a tourism city.

By the difference from other cities when clearing the road building  the city plan to clear in two sides from 30 to 50 meters. This with the aim for making the streets larger and two side of streets with a large space and have the elegance and sophistication. The land area rest along streets will be aution to get a big fund for the city to invest for the infrastructure. As a results, Danang city has the well fame as now and it promoto for Danang travel develop and develop and becomes a lable and hot destination in Central Vietnam and the whole country although this city has name in tourism very late.

In addition, Danang is well known when becoming the first city in Vietnam raise for a cancer hospital for humanity which no city in Vietnam can thanks to the charity of good people contribute for building it. It is the free for all cancer women.

In order to collect talent people, the city builds Le Quy Don school where all excellent students study and compete by their own capacity and train here. After graduating from univerysity in country or oversea by the fund of the city, all of them must return the city and work for the city in 7 years. This policy is for the aim to keep the talent to live and work and contribute their talent for the city and build the city developer and developer.

The leaders of the city government are people who are very listen to the opinions  from experts in building the city from economy, culture to planning to promote Danang city become a modern one as others in the world.

Just by organizing World Fire Work in 3nights each 2 years, Danang attract a lot of tourists from the country to the world come and visit this city. This contribute for promoting Danang travel developer than and it becomes the lable of Danang city.

The thing that make many people now wish to live in Danang is that the city say no with social evils. Different from big cities such as Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh city, Danang has no running motorbike. If there are any person has running motorbike, the transport will be collected  and sold to run the fund. Moreover, with drug people the city will collect them and send them to addition centre. If there is anyone find out a drug and call to the government, he/she will receive an award. The city also has a different way to train backward children by visiting the prison and then go to Bana hill for travelling. By this way, it will show these children know about the different of life in prison and the freedom outside and then live better than.

And there are many other policies which this city made such as free sending transport, free water in public, no venders along beaches, etc. Whether it is a small thing but it contributes for Danang becomes a modern and polite city. By these policies, Danang people now aware of well their behavior and are always proud of their city once telling to other people in different cities. That is why there are a lot of people dream to live in this famous city and although no organization recognized, but Danang is well known as the worth living city in Vietnam from a large of people once being asked.

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