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Ba Na Hill - the indispensable destination when travel Da Nang

Ba Na Hill tourist area belong to Hoa Vang district, Da Nang city, far from Da Nang city center about 30km in the west. Located at a height of 1.487m above sea level, year round weather is cool; the average temperature in the summer is around 18 degree, Ba Na hill is an ideal ecotourism - resort of Central Viet Nam. Travelling here, you will contemplate the cable car which set 4 world records to enjoy feeling that you are bobbing on the clouds when stay inside cable car.  Ba Na Hill is the attractive destination where you shouldn’t miss whenever having chance to arrive Da Nang city. 

When you stay inside the cable car, you will have chance to discover whole scenery of Ba Na hill on the top and survey the beautiful views from the cabin. Coming here, visitors will feel that they are going on the bobbing clouds. On the lull days, tourist also could see entire sightseeing of the large space by your own eyes such as of Da Nang city, Da Nang gulf with the arc line from foot of Hai Van Pass to Son Tra peninsula, My Khe beach, Marble Mountain, Thu Bon River which meander the populous and rich fields, Cham Island with heave waves…The nature here is same as interesting and wonderful watercolor painting.

In 2004, the reproduction of Linh Ung pagoda in Marble Mountain was appeared here. On the high mountain, Linh Ung pagoda is sacred with the nice architecture; it makes the atmosphere here more peaceful and quiet, makes visitors refined. The tiredness will be disappearing when travelers contemplate Buddhism statue which belongs to big Buddhism statues in Asia. This statue is 27m high and impressive in front of sky, cloud, wind and mountain. Besides, there is Wine tunnel of French where is always open the door for welcome visitors to visit and see different wines are stored here for many years.

Arrive Ba Na Hill , you will have chance to contemplate the cable car which set 4 world records. Those world records are:

  1. Longest cable car (5.801 m) compare with all kinds of existing cable car on over the world.
  2. The cable car which have the highest disparity between departure station and arrive station ( 1.368 m)
  3. The cable car system which have longest total length of cable among all of existing cable car on the world (11.587m)
  4. The cable car system which have most heavy weight on over the world (141,24 ton).

And this is only one which received 4 Guinness world records among the cable car system on over the world at the same time.  

Visiting here, tourist also could enjoy: the weather change from summer to winter during staying inside cable car; weather convert to 4 seasons in a day; Toc Tien waterfall- a wonderful one with occult fairy; Chua Mountain- the original  name of Ba Na and Dao Chuong flower – a symbol of Ba Na. 

Annually, Ba Na Hill attracts hundreds of domestic tourists and foreigner. If you have chance overnight here, you will see the entire scenery of Da Nang city with the sparkling night light to make the most of a little cold feeling and nice sunset on the top of Ba Na Hill. One night stayed in Ba Na is the chance of travelers to listen breath of mountain and forest as well as close to nature. At night, Ba Na Hill is ebullient with unforgettable and interesting actives such as camping light fire, outside singing and collective games…That atmosphere make people forget all life pressure and stress of working to enjoy the endless fun.  Ba Na is really an attractive destination for you whenever set foot on Da Nang.

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