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Contemplating the beautiful nature scenery on Hai Van Pass

Hai Van Pass locate on a high range of mountains belong to Truong Son mountain chain where cut short the national territory from west border to the coast so it’s considered natural border between Da Nang and Thua Thien Hue province.

Hai Van Pass is more 20 km long, complex terrain, sloping and bendy streets with many dangerous bends but it is considered the most poetic, impressive and superb pass in Viet Nam where has the quaint scenery with one side is blue boundless sea view, one side is heaping mountain sight.That was the reason why Le Thanh Tong King named this pass “Most impressive and superb scenery” in XV century.After that, Minh Mang King also had that name inscribed on the stone which put in the top of Hai Van Pass.

From June-2005, Hai Van Tunnel was finished and operated; it makes transfer between Hue and Da Nang city easier as well as safer than across Hai Van Pass, so this pass was invested to become a tourist road. There are some stopovers on Hai Van Pass were built for traveler take a rest and relax when visit a site here.

With the good road surface, impressive and poetic view as well as famous pass with history of hundreds of years ago, Hai Van Pass attract many tourist. If you have chance to cross this pass slowly even though one time to contemplate beautiful nature scenery here with your own eyes, you will understand that the name “Most impressive and superb scenery” is so worthy with Hai Van Pass.

In the south of Hai Van Pass, looking down from top of pass, Da Nang city appear modernly and impressively with high building, high chimney, factory …where  nestled into soft blue coast.  Da Nang city flash same as an east sea pearl.

In the north of pass, belong to Thua Thien Hue province area, Lap An lagoon and Lang Co fishing village create a tranquil, peaceful sight. The spacious house with new tile silhouetted against the deep blue sea, the white sand-bank spread out, the heaping mountain chain which covered by white clouds, all of these things form a picturesque view make visitor could only stand to survey that wonderful scene.

Going along the road of Hai Van Pass, pure blue sea always occur in your view.  This pass ranks in national historical monument; it’s also a fascinating destination for tourist. Standing on Hai Van gate, you could survey whole Hai Van Pass scenery.

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