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Discover Danang tours on ancient villages with hidden values

Danang tours today are well known as a destination with many beautiful landscapes, mountain, sea, beach, ect. However, in order to get in depth Danang beauties, visitor should come and discover the ancient villages which still remain its original.

Once you come here you will get the comfortable atmosphere of green paddy fields stretch along roads, bamboo tree lines along village streets as well as old houses. These villages now still remain old constructions such as temples, pagoda, and forefather family worship houses. Here are some suggestion of villages you can add in your Danang tours to explore more values and beauties of Danang city.

Phong Nam ancient village just 10 kilometers from the southwest of Danang city and closely to National Highway No 1 in Hoa Chau commune of Hoa Vang District. Most of original values of traditional Vietnam village still keep here including green paddy fields covered by bamboo trees, soil roads to travel around the village which brings to the cool climate plus the simple of houses which sometimes people imagine it only show in the book. The village is a land from Champa times and passing the time, there are many artifacts were found  here and displayed at Champa Museum in Danang city cente.  The most attraction of this village is ancient constructions beside festivals of the village such as Muc Dong festival which is for buffalo caring children, festival to honor agriculture to pray for a good new harvest . It is a peaceful atmosphere when traveling to this village and enjoy the romantic scenery of a village lying a river bank.

Tuy Loan ancient village is also one of famous one in Danang which is located in National Highway 14B and about 15 kilometers to the southwest of Danang city where remains the old time of Vietnam. With the age of 500 years which brings a deep history, tradition and special culture of Vietnam village. From the gate of the village to go inside the village, it attracts by ancient constructions here. Attractive by ancient houses for a long time history still remained whether the changes of time and life, each details inside construction such as temples, old houses still remains as original. The romantic roads lead to the villages still have green paddy fields and how beautiful it is when you come here on green time or ripe, the yellow of ripe rice fields attract you as picturesque. 

Tuy Loan market where shows you to see and find special food of local as well as many other necessary things from other regions. Plus the exploration journey is traditional handicraft villages of noodle and ricepaper is very famous at this village. It is a chance to experience more of this handicraft village.

Right in the beginning of Spring, Tuy Loan Temple Festival with the rites of ordained and rituals with the aim to remember the merit of forefathers of family: Danf, Lam, Nguyen, Tran, Le. On this occasion is the opportunity for experience the festival of racing boat traditionally of villagers as well as other folk games. It is no better than for Vietnamese can find back the beautiful and lovely memories of childhood and also for foreigner to understand more of diversity of Vietnam cultures.

Just a trip you can take the experience of traditional villages of Danang and get back the peaceful life at an impessive village and depth in cultures.

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