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Danang tours with Ling Ung pagoda impression

Ling Ung pagoda is one of the famous name of Danang tourism which is located in a hill with the shape of turtle facing to the sea and back to jungle. Linh Ung pagoda in Son Tra Peninsula is the impression which in the developing of Buddhism and also the place ofthe convergence of the earth spirits and hearts.

Catch from Linh Ung pagoda is the East Sea and far from Cham Island and Hai Van Pass in the north and below is the romantic Han River. With legend, on Minh Mang King times fishermen of this region found a Buddhist Statue on the sandy beach and built the temple. Since then, The Avalokitesvara Buddhist (Quan The Am) appeared and help local people overcome difficult life and then the sea is calm and safe, fishermen live and work stable. As  a result it was called Bai But.

Passing the time and history,thanks to the supports of organization and local government, Linh Ung – Bai But pagoda was built during 6 years and located right in Son Tra Peninsula.

It is the biggest pagoda in Da Nang city both the size as well as the architecture. It is the combination of traditional architecture of Vietnam pagoda with curve tiles plus dragon, strong pillars carved with dragons in details. The main temple with the solemn and calm with Buddhist statues.

Especially Linh Ung – Bai But Pagoda owns the highest Buddhist Statue (67m height and diameter of Lotus 35meter, similar a building of 30 floors). Inside the statue there are many Buddhist statues more and attractions. From the top of the Buddhist you can view the panorama of Danang City, forest, mountain and cover white sandy beaches and far from Marble Mountain. The most attraction to you is on sunrise or sunset, the sunshines in combination the bue sky which   make the scenery with the impression which cannot see any other places. At night the scenery of the city under the light that attract you enjoy more which Danang tours can bring to you this feeling and experience.

Reality , Linh Ung – Bai But pagoda is now one of the attraction of Danang tours in combination of Son Tra Peninsular and relaxing on beach. Especially for pilgrimage tourists it is the must-see pagoda in Danang.

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