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Discovering the charming Cham Island

Far from the Cua Dai beach - Hoi An about 15km, Cham Island belongs to Quang Nam province, this is a world biosphere reservation area. There are many tourist come to visit and relax with the quiet, peaceful space here after tired days.

Cham Island topography is mainly mountain and no river except Hon Lao Island has small springs with natural forest. The highest peak of Hon Lao Island is 570m high, others are from 70m to 200m high.

Flora, fauna and marine ecology of Cham Island

Hon Lao Island as well as other islands of Cham Island is covered by forest. The forest in all islands here is natural and protective forest; they play a very important role in protection of water resources for the entire island.

There are 165 ha coral, 500 ha wrack and marine grass cover which provide living environment for many kinds of fish. The people who love to discover should not miss scuba diving for survey the diverse coral and colorful fishes at Bac expanse, Chong expanse, Dai island… The most interesting time for exploring coral is nearly noon, at that time the sun raises high and blazing sunshine lights up right to bottom of the sea make coral so beautiful and twinkle inside sunlight and water.

 In addition, you could visit the living area where Yen bird live. At To Vo Cave, Dry Cave. Best time to visit this area is the morning so you could more close to the cliff for seeing the Yen bird nest which is high and dangerous at the top of cliff by your own eyes. Furthermore, on the east of Hon Lao Island, Hon Ong island yen bird nest were exploited to make “Yen bird nest soup”

Visiting Cham Island

Bai Lang archaeological vestige is an important one among the ChamPa archaeological vestige system. Apart from the native exhibits, there are a lot of objects on display by pottery and glass of Middle East, India and China in VII - X century.

The exiting belief vestiges in Cham Island have built mainly in XVII – XVIII century for example Dai Can temple, temple of village tutelary god, farming god temple, jobs ancestor temple and fishing god tomb…

Traveling Cham Island, you could visit Hai Tang pagoda- the big and beautiful project which have built 300 years ago in XVIII century. It’s a cultural historical monument of Viet Nam with the history attached with taking form and development of Hoi An hundreds of year ago for instance ancient well- water,  worship Fish temple… In the summer, green forests are adorned with blooming flower of plane trees.

Cham Island is covered by ecology as well as cultural foundation of ancient architecture. Now Hon Lao Island have been concentrated almost the people live together. Everyone live with the peaceful and content life like a big family here. There are many architectural works which have untouched preservation as well as almost temples are maintained carefully same as preservation spirit life of people in Cham Island.

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