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Experience at Phu Thanh waterfall with the harmony to nature

Nestled in the west of Danang city, Hoa Phu Thanh tourism area in Hoa Phu Commune, Hoa Vang district of 30km which is attracting many tourists especially young travel to here to experience waterfall slide in Danang tours among the wild nature. 

In fact, Danang is receiving the blessing of nature for famous not only  a beach city but also many streams, rivers, jungle forests that takes tourist back with nature and harmony for beautiful sceneries. Yes, Phu Thanh waterfall is one of attractions in hot weather time to enjoy sweet pure water beside fresh beaches relaxation.

Especially for those who love adventure trekking, the combination of Phu Thanh waterfall and Dong Giang mountain district for experience hill tribe people and Ho Chi Minh trails. It is wonderful to have a trip to discover more the nature beauties diversity in your Danang tours.

Among the nature, it is wonderful for feeling the fresh air, swimming on pure water for team, family, group, ect. Also you can bring foods and cook as your wish as a BBQ lunch by your own at the stream.

With adventurer can join slide activity on the stream and waterfall which is about far away 2km more to get this adventure sport by boat, life jack and helmet with the guide. How wonderful it is when taking boat slide from the top of waterfall down to the stream. By having enough water for all year round, people built dams to keep water and give you the view to the jungle, fresh water. Surely that, you will have different feeling once choosing this waterfall for relaxing with marvelous experience and see original wild beauty here.

Additional to, you can have more chance to experience of hill tribe people of Kotu at Tong Cooi village and share their culture as well as life style. Come and get new experience of nature.

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