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Han River Bridge and Dragon Bridge - the new symbols of Da Nang city

Whenever talking about Da Nang City, we couldn’t forget to mention of Han River Bridge and Dragon Bridge on the poetic Han River; they are not only the new pride but also contribute to attract traveler as well as develop tourist of here.

Han River Bridge
Han River Bridge is the symbol for the new lease of life, aspiration of city development; it was built by contribution of all Da Nang people. The life in both banks of Han River is always animated day and night; there are a lot of modern and new services satisfied the visitors’ need. Nowadays, traveling by boat on Han River is the popular entertainment services. It started to build on September, 2nd 1998 and finished on March, 29th 2000. This is the first swing-bridge in Viet Nam which was designed and built by Vietnamese; it’s also the only swing-bridge in Viet Nam till now. This bridge is 487, 7 m long and 12, 9 m wide; it across Han River to connect two banks of the East-West as well as connect Son Tra peninsula with center city.
Han River Bridge not only makes transportation and tourist more advantageous as well as arouses economy potentiality of the large area in the east of city but also is a cultural mark of Da Nang present people given to future generations.

Dragon Bridge
Dragon Bridge was started to build on July 19th, 2009 and finished on March 29th, 2013. It was designed by Louis Berger Group, Inc Company (United State) with total length is 666,565 m and 37,5 m in width…This project was built with modern design and advanced technology.
This bridge is considered as architectural highlight of Da Nang city; it designed to show the dragon which is flying on Han River with a pride head and soft curve. Both sides were arranged water fountains together with the effects of lighting system, all of them bring to this bridge attractive beauty with the lively image of the dragon. With Dragon Bridge, Da Nang city want to send the dreams to future of strong and sustainable development.
Dragon Bridge is so convenient for tourist to arrive Da Nang city. Together with Han River Bridge, Thuan Phuoc Bridge and Tuyen Son Bridge; Dragon Bridge has a part in making Da Nang to become a nice charming and modern city; a city which fly with the aspiration to conquer development and prosperity.

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