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Luong Spring Ecotourism area

On an area of ​​more than 6 hectares, Danatol Joint Stock Company (the investor) reserve all of enthusiasm and heart to make this area become an ideal travel place with unique architectures which are converged the culture beauty of three regions in Viet Nam.

From the gate into ecotourism area, Lac bird’s wings with one hundred of Au Co mother’s eggs which are symbol for Vietnamese soul decorated impressively. Inside, center restaurant is designed according to the Cham architecture with original and holotype pattern line as well as Cham strangle-looking instruments which are contained one-time Champa cultural mark.

In addition, pure Vietnamese space is also reappear cleverly by traditional houses of ethnic minority groups such as the stilt house of  Muong people, Tay people, K’tu, Dao, Nùng people…Tourist could take a rest, travel to Danang, buy souvenirs and visit old garden houses of Hue city here…

Wonderfully, when the mantle of darkness let down, traveler could enjoy the moonlight at Nguyet Dinh pleasure house, drink Hong Dao wine, recite poem and listen music…Coming to Luong spring ecotourism area, you will have change to discover the wonders which has been awarded by nature, soak yourselves under the cool stream to feel the peaceful moment and listen the sound of purl flowing spring on rocks dissolved together with sound of birds and rustled forests.  If you want funny place to enjoy, you could go to the cinema (more than hundred seats) or hang out to local market streets for discovering the unexpected things.

After a tired venture, visitors could overnight in ancient villa with all conveniences, delicious food which is suitable with many different subjects to have great trip with family, friends and colleagues.

Actually, Luong spring will bring to tourist the unending joy as well as airy quiet space after dust and animation of city.

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