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The fine arts stone village at Marble Mountain - Cultural tourist destination

Who ever used to travel Da Nang, surely they had one time set food on the fine arts stone village at Marble Mountain- a cultural tourist destination. The nature here was favored to make a perfect beautiful charming picture of rivers and mountains; visiting fine arts stone village traveler not only mix with peaceful space of nature to make the soul tranquil behind the life pressure but also survey the artistic works which make of stones at Marble Mountain by clever hands of artisan here.

Long-standing history

Fine arts village at Marble Mountain has age-old history which was taken form from the middle of XVII to XVIII century.

The first artisans came from Thanh Hoa province; they reclaimed this village to set up the hamlet for living. During living, they whittle carefully at stones from Marble Mountain and made them into the primitive tools for daily life such as rice mortar, flour mortar, tomb sculpture, especially the manipulate about dragon, turtle which used for decoration in tomb, pagoda, temple and  imperial.

The fine arts stone works were job transmitted from one generation to another, it have been come in the spirit life; represent the traditional culture of residential area with fine arts work job which has begun at that time and forming this village until now.

Annually, lunar 6th January is an ancestor’s death anniversary of fine arts stone village at marble Mountain which is celebrated at “Thach Nghe To Su” (Stone job ancestor) temple; this is the chance for the fine arts stone artisans, sculptures, producers and stone business sit together to commemorate as well as express their grateful with job ancestor who found and form this traditional village. 

Combination of many cultures

Whenever mention about the stone of belief culture, we cannot forget to talk about ChamPa culture at Marble Mountain. This mountain is inside the cultural influence of My Son Holly land. Here contained the deep mark of vestiges about cultural sculpture and ChamPa cultural architecture. The fine arts stone village located in area of ChamPa and old Vietnam culture combination. Therefore, the stone of ChamPa culture made an abundant vitality for here. Afterward, thanks for exchange with other countries on over the world; the foreign tourist visit here to discover, learn as well as exchange experience. So there is one new stone strain appeared- artistic stone. Since that time artistic stone   develop strongly.

Infuse the Vietnamese soul into stone

Visiting the fine arts stone village, you will admire the artistic works which made of stone; each work expresses the talent and subtle of artisan. Visitors will have chance to see the diversity of works, Buddhism stone, human stone, Vietnamese famous man stone, animals stone as well as house decorative works for example ashtray, toothpick tube, pepper mortar; jewelry for instance bracelets, ring and necklace…All is carved cleverly the design.

By time and clever hands of artisan, now we have the interesting and helpful destination for travel as well as a relic with deep culture of Vietnamese.  

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