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My Khe beach in Da Nang City

My Khe beach is recognized by Forbes- the top economic magazine of United States as one of six most charming beaches on the planet. My Khe beach is satisfied enough the basic selection norm of Forbes such as the traffic convenience, free beach for everybody, long and smooth expanse of sand, the suitable sunshine and wave level for playing sports, safe guarantee for tourist, the luxury resorts and villa where achieve international standard…

My Khe beach is also judged as one among 10 most favorite Asian beaches on over the world by “Sunday Herald Sun” magazine of Australia.

There are many beautiful and famous beaches in Da nang for example Nam O beach, Tien Sa beach, Non Nuoc beach, My Khe beach…Among them, My Khe beach where has 900m length is the most animated and familiar with Da Nang people as well as foreign traveler.

My Khe beach is well-know with silky sand, temperate waves, yearly warm water and surround by wonderful poetic coconut rows…Visitors could swim in the sea all year round, best is summer around May to August. Besides, the sea is not deep so tourist will set their mind at rest while swimming as well as comfortable contemplating the impressive Marble Mountain and Cham Island far from Hoi An.

The salinity of sea water is about 60%, unpolluted and evaluated that had high safe. Therefore, there are many kinds of coral, abundant coastal flora and fauna.

My Khe beach is developed strongly types of tourist’s service for instance fishing, water skiing, scuba diving, cruiser…The seaside resort has rescue system include sentry box, lifebuoy, the eddy signal flag and rescues worker who watch over day and night to ready save people timely.

When the nice sunset drop on My Khe beach, the atmosphere here is peaceful and quiet; it make people forget all life pressure and stress of life to enjoy that wonderful moment.  

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