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My Son holly land - The world cultural heritage

Far from Da Nang city about 69 km, My Son holly land belongs to Duy Phu commune, Duy Xuyen district, Quang Nam province; here is the combination of ChamPa temples inside a 2 km diameter valley where is circled by hills and mountains. This is the place where organized to pray of ChamPa kingdom as well as the tombs of ChamPa kings or members of royal families. My Son holly land is considered as the center main temples of Hinduism at Southeast Asia and the only heritage of this kind in Viet Nam.

Since 1999, My Son holly land was recognized as a world cultural heritage which is the unique evidence of disappear Asia civilization.

My Son perhaps started building in the century IV. During many centuries ago, here was supplemented many small, big temples and becoming the main heritage of ChamPa culture in Viet Nam. Apart from ceremony celebration function which helps kingdom close to the genies, My Son is also belief-cultural center of ChamPa dynasties as well as the place where was interred the king and powerful monks.

The first exhibits were found with the mark of Bhadravarman I king (rule in the year 381 to 413); he built a chancel to worship Linga and Shiva. My son holly land has deep fluency of India on architecture as well as on culture.

Depend on the stele and other documents; they know that there is a first temple which made of wood in IV century. Then 2 centuries later, this temple was burned down in a big fire. At the beginning of the century VII, Sambhuvarman king (rule in the year 577 to 629) was used the brick to build temple which is in being until now.

The after kings continued to repair the old temples and built new one to worship genies. Brick is the good material to keep the memory of this mysterious people; until now the technique of temple building is a secret. They have not found out the reasonable explanation for stick material, brick bake method and building mode yet.

The temples and tombs was built in the century VII to XIV but the disinter result shows that ChamPa kings were interred here in the century IV. Total of architecture objects is over than 70. At My Son holly land, there is a temple which was built by stone; it is also the only stone one among ChamPa relics. The stele here proves that this temple was last repaired in the year 1234. Now this temple was collapsed (perhaps due to American bomb in Viet Nam war; because there is a deep bomb crater nearly this temple) but the foundation system proclaimed that this temple was more than 30m high and it was also highest one at My Son holly land.

With more than 70 brick temples which were built in the VII century to XIII; My Son was became most important architecture center of ChamPa kingdom. The main temples at My Son worship Linga or Siva-the protective genie of ChamPa kings.

With material from brick and sandstone, ChamPa people built the unique combination of temple architecture in many centuries. Even though the war made temples here ruin, sculpture and architecture of exhibits which are in being until now had style of historical periods with ChamPa national art. Those masterpieces mark the magnific period of ChamPa cultural-architecture as well as Southeast Asia.

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