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The activities on the Buddha’s birthday in Da Nang

In honor of the Buddha’s birthday United Nations (Vesak) event which was second time hosted by Viet Nam, Vietnamese Buddhist Church of Da Nang city celebrate many ceremonious activities to formal welcome the Buddha’s birthday.

According to the venerable Thich Thong Dao – commissioner of Vietnamese Buddhist Church, the week of Buddha’s birthday will happen with these main events: 7 huge lotuses are putted on the river between Han River and Dragon River to symbol for 7 tranquil steps of Buddha and they light up continually on May 6th to May 13th; 30 carriage decorated with flowers parade on main streets in the city on May 11th, 12th and 13th (lunar April 13th, 14th and 15th).

 The main ceremony include traditional rites of Buddhism will happen on May 13th (lunar April 15th) at main rostrum of Linh Ung pagoda- Tho Quang ward, Son Tra district. On lunar April 8th to 14th, there are many activities celebrated such as chanting, preaching about Buddha’s birthday significant; ceremony of bringing the knowledge light, performance for praying  Buddha’s birthday…

On May 12th (Lunar April 14th), Vietnamese Buddhist church of Da Nang city will put the garland at heroic martyr monument on “2nd September” street. In this week, the Buddhist monks and nuns, fellow worshipper will do the charitable activities for example building united house, visiting and giving gift for hospital, old-people’s home, orphaned children…In this occasion, almost the pagodas in Da Nang city decorate rostrum, fly the flag, banner…to welcome the Buddha’ birthday.

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