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The Ceremonies in Da Nang

Folk – ceremonies: They are traditional ceremony which had deep mark of farmer such as: “Cau An ceremony” (Graying for peaceful life), “Ha Dien ceremony” (starting farming season)…Apart from worship for tutelary god of village, forefather who deserved well of reclamation, there are some other ceremonies for example “praying for an abundant than usual crop”, “worship the job ancestors”… After the ceremony parts inside the communal house in the village for example Hoa My village, Tuy Loan and Hai Chau village, there are some types of folk art for instance Vietnamese opera, playing card in the huts, reply singing, heave ho singing…boat racing, wrestling, cooking contest, making cake…  

Religion ceremonies: This is the birthday’s system of head of religions such as Jesus Christ with Christmas and Easter, Buddha with Buddha’s birthday, Bodhisattva with goddess of mercy…Buddhist holiday which people to express their gratefulness and appreciation to their mother…These ceremonies are celebrated formally with serious traditional  etiquettes. However, the activities during ceremony celebration are more and more abundant, joining subject is also wider, it’s not only for people who belong to those religions but also for another one especially the national ceremonies such as goddess of mercy…In recent years,  goddess of mercy ceremony attracted ten thousands of people from many religions attendant. Inside the religion ceremony, there are many kinds of community activity for example folk games, art performance, reconstitute legend- religion legend, transport and boat decorated with flower, setting free animals, flower colored lantern, fly the kite, chirography exhibition, art pictures and photos show, camping, folk cuisine…Especially, receiving the care of city leader, the religion ceremonies are more abundant and more attractive domestic tourist as well as foreigner.

Belief-ceremonies: Belief-ceremonies are the ceremony of community of each job for instance” Fishing ceremony” of people who live along coast at Son Tra beach, Thanh Khe beach. In addition, there are some ceremonies which has influence from Chinese but were closed with our people such as “Double Five Festival” on 5th day of 5th Lunar month or “ Lunar New Year”, “ Night of the 15th of the first lunar month, “ Mid- Autumn”. This is an unavoidable result of cultural exchanges process with other peoples during history of taking form the land.    

Historical revolution ceremonies: Historical revolution ceremonies are organized on major holidays with educated significant that proving the revolutionary tradition as well as commemorating the victory day. Apart from the forms of   meeting celebration, visiting martyrs’ cemetery, the organizations also hold performances, returning to the roots camping, sport competitions, boat race, science and technology achievement exhibition…In Da Nang, the historical revolution ceremonies also received interesting organization of Culture branch for example “Da Nang Liberation Day” on 29th March, “Reunification Day” on 30th April, “Dead and wounded soldiers day” on 27th July…

In general, the branches of government with guide mission and ceremony organization direction in Da Nang are deployed effectively, more and more respectable, prove the democratic and society in the ceremony activities as well as contribute cultural life and preserve traditional cultural values of nation.

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