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Travelling Marble Mountain in Da Nang

About 200 years ago, Minh Mang King of Nguyen’s dynasty came and named for this mountain as well as caves and pagodas here. Marble Mountain located far from Da Nang city about 8 km in the southeast, on the boundless sand-bank near the coast of Hoa Khue village, Son Thuy commune, Hoa Vang district. It is comprised five mountains: Kim mountain, Moc mountain, Thuy mountain, Tho mountain and Hoa mountain, these names mean five elements of universe creating: metal, wood, water, fire and earth. Poetic space and historical monument scenery bring to here a fairy aspect.

Historical cultural marks are still bold on each project of pagodas, towers in XIX century and Cham sculptures in XIV, XV century here. The poem autographs of Le King and Tran King engraved on mossy stone inside the caves.

 Tam Thai Pagoda (was built in 1630) located on Thuy Mountain which is considered an ancient national pagoda as well as Buddhist vestige. In 1825, Minh Mang King rebuilt this pagoda and also found 9 statues, 3 big bells in 1827. In the center of pagoda, the big Buddhism statue sits on the lotus is worshiped, both sides are Quan Thanh statue and Bo Tat one. There are many people come pagoda to visit, pray especially on holiday and New Year. 

With the unique building of nature, Am Phu cave (Hades cave) is considered biggest and most occult among the caves of Marble Mountain. In this life, there are always two opposite sides in being: living-die and Hades is the world of the people who died. Because on the top of Thuy Mountain has road to come the sky so its need the road comes to Hades. That was the reason why Minh Mang King named it Am Phu cave (Hades cave) when he visited here in XIX century.

Huyen Khong cave is a spirit value Cave and also the most beautiful, fanciful one of Marble Mountain. It is an outdoor cave wit circle dome, smooth and flat foundation. On the top of dome, there are 5 holes which the light outside overflow through to create a sparkling air for this cave. This is the difference between Huyen Khong cave and others such as Phong Nha cave or Caves in Ha Long Bay…Most of another have to use the electric light because they are dark, hermetic and damp inside but Huyen Khong cave has nature light as well as airy space.  With circumference about 25m, this cave has diversified ornament, both sides are Good statue and Evil statue which remind people should do good things for this life. On highest place, Thich Ca Buddhism statue is worshiped. On the left of cave are Ngoc Phi temple and Loi Phi temple where visitor pray for good fortune and good health as well as peaceful life. Especially, the altar of Ong To and Ba Nguyet where people pray for endless love is on the right. In addition, there are a lot of nice caves and other tourist attractions in Marble Mountain for example Van Thong Cave, Tam Thanh cave, Quan The Am pagoda…

Travelling here, visitor could cast off the dust and animation of city to feel quiet moment in this fairyland. An unforgettable memory when tourists travel marble mountain is that they could relax on the beach where is not far from here with white sand, cool pure water and soft waves after tired climbing  some hundreds of steps for visiting caves and pagodas. Marble Mountain is considered a huge rockery in the middle of Da Nang city. This is an attractive destination for travelers whenever arrive central Viet Nam on the journey to discover the world heritage.

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