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A hundred year old wine tunnel inside the mountain in Da Nang

In 1923, together with building hundreds of villas, hospitals, post-office, banks… French built this wine tunnel on the top of Ba Na Hill for keeping wines to service the relax need of officials, army officer, French traders and rich Vietnamese.  This wine tunnel is the original object because European usually digs down deep into the ground but it dug inside the mountain of Ba Na Hill.

Total length of this old wine tunnel is 80m, 2,5m in height, 2m in width; there are wine-cellar, wines bar and radiator inside the tunnel. Tunnel wall was built by mountain stone, sugar and sap of tree named “Boi Loi”- the popular tree in Da Nang.

The tunnel ceiling has dome-shape; it shows the architecture of French style.

The degree inside wine tunnel is about 16 to 20; this is the ideal temperature for keeping wines.

Together with leaving of French in the year 1954, Ba Na Hill as well as this old wine tunnel was forgotten for a long time. Even though the old wine tunnel was collapsed by bomb in the war, it is basically undamaged and restored to exploit for tourist service whenever arrive fairyland of Ba Na Hill.

There are 14 hollows, include 11 smalls hollow and 3 big one. In the French domination periods, each of wine hollow has their owner who registered to keep wine in this wine tunnel. The bar area is the place where villa owners and hotel masters enjoy the wine as well as treat their distinguished guests.

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