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Wonderful Golden Beach Danang is waiting for discovering Danang Travel

Danang is a coastline city with many famous beaches that attract tourist so much to relax and swim on freash sea water, explore the daily life of local fisherman. Especially summer holiday to Danang city is the wonderful choice for a famous beach city in Central Vietnam. Golden Beach in Son Tra Peninsular is the wild beach with less touristic promise the wonderful beach to discover and enjoy in your Danang travel.

The beach is blessing by nature for a soft golden strectching along crystal seashore plus the diversity of flora and fauna. Coming here tourists can have the experience newly in fresh blue water of streams or enjoying on nice wild beach. What a wonderful to feeling the wonderful beauties of nature here in different seasons

Water way or road way is the choices to reach this nice beach. However, with the small road, the best choice to reach here is on motorbike as an adventurer. It takes you about 1 hour on drive way to reach here from Danang city centre. While waterway is followed by set tour from travel companies by boat

For those who love natural beauties, come here from the early to get the sun rises slowly over the sea, the beach now is in red color and get the wonderful sunlight. It is also very ideal to get a relaxing and tranquil atmosphere while listening to the sounds of waves. Additional, go fishing on the beach is an exciting activity  at this area besides many different entertainment activities such as diving, local boat racing, etc. Plus the discovery of wild animals including monkey,  birds, rare animals in Red Book of Vietnam which need to preserve and protect, etc. Yes it is the wonderful chance for tourist to see these animals in nature.

The beach is also perfect for a camping fire and goes fishing at nice to get the experience of night life on sea as a local people.

Danang Golden Beach is promising a beach relaxing on your Danang travel tour which take tourist near the nature and explore the real life at this remote area.

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