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Danang tour with landscapes experience on cruise along Han River

Danang tour on cruise along Han River is a great experience to see the romantic and beautiful of Danang city lies on Han River and right on sea. Instead of visiting and discovering Da Nang city as classic way, taking a cruise is the wonderful way to get new experience.

Your first impressive when you leave the tourism harbor visitor can admire the city centre at night on Han romantic River and have the chance to enjoy the charming of famous unique bridges of Da Nang city. The cruise takes you through Han Bridge which is the only swing bridge in Viet Nam – the symbol of the vitality of the city.

Besides, Thuan Phuoc Bridge is the longest chain-bridge in Viet Nam and offers the additional beauty on Han River and make the more and more comfort for travelling between the north and south city. It has the most special this bridge is right on the estuaries that offers you more chance to experience it beauty for a part is the river and another is a large sea.

While the cruise sails you through the downstream of river you have more chance to taste delicious sea foods as well as special cuisines of Da Nang.

Additional  on the way upstream you have more opportunity to see  Dragon Bridge which was recorded in Guinness for the largest Stone Dragon. It is more sparkling when the night cover with colorful lights.

Continue and should not miss is Tran Thi Ly bridge that plus your time at night on cruise open your eyes for the city beauty with the design as a sailing is preparing to the far sea.

Along the river banks now are the relaxing and leisure oflocal people to get the fresh air and local food stalls along the river that brings you a real experience of real life at this beach city. Famous is an active and developing city, but it is not too noisy as Ho Chi Minh city or Ha Noi capital city, Danang takes the quiet and new experience for visitor love nature.

Let come Danang city and take Danang tour then get your own feeling besides having the relaxing on luxury hotel near beaches and visit beautiful and famous landscapes of the city. You will not regret once coming here and try this services.

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